Access to the village and the shops
  • Our property goes up to the village.  You can reach it by following the path through the lavender field.
  • All shops and services are along the main road.
  • The old part of the village is on the right side, it is pedestrian.
  • There are several restaurants inCéreste, notably L'Aiguebelle and L'Auberge de Carluc.
  • Nearby: La Pastorale, 3 km direction of Forqualquier
  • Le Sanglier Paresseux in Saint Martin de Castillon, excellent.
Markets and supermarket
  • Supermarché Utile (with gas station) 200m away, direction FORCALQUIER.
  • Market on Sunday morning in Reillanne
  • Big Provencal market on Monday morning in Folcalquier
  • It is shared. Calm and respect of distanciation rules are required.
  • Shower is mandatory, no solar screen in the water (organic pool).
  • Open and close the water inlet of the solar shower using the lever at the rear.
Flora and fauna
  • The park is situated in a Natura 2000 zone, for protection of fauna and flora;.
  • In the park or the pool, you can encounter grass snakes. They are harmless. 
  • Inside the buildings, small scorpions can be seen. They are nocturnal. Don't be afraid, they are not dangerous. Just avoid getting bitten...
Play ground
  •  It is situated above the pool.
  • Balls, boules and ping-pong paddles are on a shelf in the 1st garage.
Electric barbecue
  • Put it on the stone table, fill with water the dish below.
  • It is shared, to be washed after use..
  • Free aromatic herbs beneath.

Remember to sort your waste:

  • Compost is at the end of our car park,on the house side.
  • Municipal garbage cans are in frot of our car park exit..
  • Glass has to be carried on the parking lot behind the church.
Some easy gestures 

For more comfort and to protect nature:

  • Close the shutters when it's hot, open them at night when it's cool.
  • Limit the time spent in the shower and the number of washes: In Provence, water reserves drop dramatically each year... 
  • Block shutters and doors to prevent them from slamming with the wind and drafts.
  • Turn off exterior lights at night...

We have underfoor heating. Please set the temperature with the thermostat situated on the wall (in La Bastide, behind tv).


You can park your bikes in the 1st garage. In Céreste, there is a bike rental (electric or classic) on the main street: "LIBR'&ROUES", tel; 06 25 95 49 09


Please view documents in the folder.

Washing machine for gite L'Etable

It is outside your gite. Ask us for the key to access it

For any further information, (or just to chat with us!) don't hesitate to knock on our door (we live on the groudfloor of the large building), or send us a message on +33 6 71 78 66 25 (WhatsApp)